Caldwell Theatre Company Summer Season

From Jul 7th through Sept 5th, 2010.

altAfter the success that accompanied Caldwell Theatre’s 2009 Summer season, Artistic Director Clive Cholerton has chosen again to counter program against traditional summer fare, and will produce a World premiere in Joel Gross’s highly emotional romantic drama, The Comfort of Darkness, preceded by the Southeastern premiere of Bob Clyman’s successful comedic thriller, Secret Order.

Secret Order. From Jul 7th through Aug 1st, 2010

Secret Order is the exceedingly funny story of a brilliant young researcher who believes to have found a cure for cancer. He is aggressively recruited by a world renowned research laboratory in New York headed by an equally famous administrator (Gordon McConnel). The play hinges on the accuracy of the research and the moral dilemma of who owns the truth to any story.

To fulfill this tall mandate, Cholerton has recruited Tom Bloom to direct Secret Order. Mr. Bloom was instrumental in the development process of the script in its infancy and was a natural to bring it to life in South Florida. “Knowing the script with the intimacy that I have acquired over the years, certainly allows me to delve into under layers that may not be apparent to a newcomer,” stated Bloom. “Obviously having an actor of the skill of McConnel is a huge bonus in that he can go in so many directions and has an infinite capacity for playing multiple thoughts simultaneously.”

The Comfort of Darkness. Aug 11th through Sept 5th, 2010

The Comfort of Darkness, is the slightly fictionalized version of the real life story of Dr. Anton Mesmer, who of course is synonymous with the term Mesmerized. In actuality Dr. Mesmer was the pioneer of hypnotism in addition to utilizing techniques that are now associated with psychotherapy. Gross’s play centers on the real life treatment of the young pianist Maria Theresa von Paradis and Mesmer’s attempt to rid her of blindness. It is, at its core, a romantic love story that explores the choices we make for a life of comfort over what we know to be true and ultimately more rewarding.

Bringing to life the role of Dr. Mesmer is Broadway star Robert Cuciolli, most widely known for his Tony award nominated performance of Jekyll and Hyde in the same titled musical, but who is equally known in theatre circles for his portrayals of Claudius in Hamlet and most recently the Italian lover in A Moon To Dance By, opposite Jane Alexander. “Landing an actor of Cuciolli’s stature was a must for this project as the role is bigger than life and demands an actor who can both fill out the extremes as well as ground the intimacy of the love story.” gushed Cholerton, barely able to contain his excitement of signing this major Broadway star and who will direct this world premiere production. “Bob gives us all that and more. Caldwell audiences will immediately know they are in the capable hands of a major theater titan.”

The design team includes Tim Bennett, Tom Salzman, Chris Hill, Alberto Arroyo and Deborah Veres.

Caldwell Theatre Company
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Boca Raton, FL  33487

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