Faena Festival will return to Miami Beach for its second annual iteration

December 2-8, 2019.

Presented by Faena Art, this year’s Festival, The Last Supper,will explore the connections between religion, spirituality, and food through the presentation of seminal and newly-commissioned works by Zhang Huan, Camille Henrot, Emeka Ogboh, The Propeller Group, Myrlande Constant, Yael Bartana, and Gabriel Chaile, among others. Building on Faena Art’s history of presenting experiential programming that transcends artistic and cultural borders, The Last Supper will reimagine votive traditions and engage Festival-goers in the creation of new spiritual and culinary rituals. Additional artists and programming will be announced in the coming months. 

The Festival will explore food and spirituality, abundance and sacrifice, indulgence and abstinence, symbolism and aesthetics. Taking both the pulpit and the kitchen as its points of departure, the Festival posits that the shared meal or prayer is the crux of social creation and communal connectivity. Revealing connections among religious rituals and culturally-shared practices such as communion, fasting, and ancestral offerings, The Last Supper will establish the creation and experience of new rites. 

The Last Supper will include commissions by Myrlande Constant, Gabriel Chaile, and Emeka Ogboh as well as works by Yael Bartana, Camille Henrot, Zhang Huan, and The Propeller Group, in addition to a robust film series, with additional artists to be named in the coming months. Programs will be free and open to the public. 

Organized by Zoe Lukov, Chief Curator for Faena Art, the Festival’s experiential presentation and curatorial format will occupy and engage the entire Faena District and extend into Miami Beach’s public spaces, waterways, and beaches. These diverse venues will be activated alongside the Faena Hotel’s theater and screening room, as well as the Faena Forum—the cultural centerpiece of Faena District. The Festival platform is an alternative space for congregation, a new kind of house of worship.

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