Superfine: A New Art Week in Miami Beach

March 10 - 13, 2022

One of Miami Art Week’s largest fairs returns this March with more than 400 artists, half of whom call South Florida home. The open-air art show takes place at 1111 Lincoln Road, where hundreds of works will make their Miami debut. Superfine is an art fair, “where people who love art can collect without barriers,” says Alex Mitow, cofounder and a Miami native.

“March is still peak season, without all of the competition and noise of the other art fairs that are happening [during Miami Art Week],” he says. “It’s still in the best season of the year, all the locals are out and about, visitors are in town, and there’s this new influx of people coming to Miami.”

Superfine Miami Beach is diving head-first into the NFT pool with a swimming pool-inspired NFT lounge by Miami artist heroes We Are Nice’N Easy, and digital artworks displayed on screens by Blackdove. All of this across a 25,000 square foot art playground 7 stories above Miami Beach at 1111 Lincoln Road. Superfine artists around the globe have already submitted 1/1 NFTs, with over 100 original works in that collection which drops on opening night.

“As NFTs are becoming this bigger conversation, a lot of people still don’t know what they are, how to buy them, or why they’re valuable,” Mitow says, using his hands expressively. “We’re here to create those conversations and help answer those questions.”

“Superfine has grown and evolved, and we’ve doubled down on what we do with the confidence to bring it to spaces like this,” he says proudly. “Spaces where the artists are center stage instead of being buried away in a warehouse.”

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