Flandres: The World of Bruno Dumont

Miami Beach Cinematheque. November 30th, 2007. 8:30 p.m.

Miami Beach Cinematheque. Miami ArtOne of the most recent films by French director Bruno Dumont; Flandres, released in 2006, will be screened at the Miami Beach Cinematheque on November 30th, 2007. Featuring Adélaïde Leroux, Samuel Boudin and Henri Cretel, Flandres won the 2006 Cannes Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. The film will be introduced by French film scholar Professor Ralph Heyndels of the University of Miami Modern Languages and Literatures Department.

With this film, Dumont returns to the land of his childhood with stark, powerful images of the northern countryside and its people. He contrasts the barbaric, confusing, and perhaps meaningless battles of war with the pain of survival felt by those who return home. Barbe (Adélaïde Leroux) is a young woman living in a small village, who loves Andre (Samuel Boidin). Frustrated by Andre's inability to show affection, Barbe vents her anger by sleeping with other men. Andre and one of them find themselves serving in the same outfit as they're sent to an unnamed Middle Eastern nation, where the grim circumstances of war wears away their humanity, causing unspeakable events. Meanwhile at home, Barbe discovers she's pregnant.

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