Only Lovers Left Alive screens at O, Cinema South Beach

Wed, Apr 13th 7:00PM
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Lucky is a young woman who embarks on an Oz-style adventure into the dreamworld of CAPRICE, her favorite fashion magazine. Director Joanna Hogg’s graduation film, starring a then-unknown 26-year-old Tilda Swinton stretches away from the minimalism that would define her later career. A Technicolor surreal dream paying homage to the legendary Powell & Pressburger’s RED SHOES and cheekily crossing paths with the glam and stardust of its time, in a cartoonish blend of comic touches and posh postures. A zany and zippy journey that delves into the depths of the 80s pop and fashion culture.

CAPRICE | Directed by: Joanna Hogg | 1986 | 26m | Unrated | UK

Wed, Apr 13th 7:00PM

• General Admission – $10.00
• O Cinema Members – $8.00

(All tickets are available online and at the box office.)

“Swinton and Hiddleston make their love story one for the ages.”

“Has undoubted panache, and wit to spare, especially when Swinton is in the frame.”

“The best reason to see this film is Swinton and Hiddleston’s achingly sexy double-act as two old, cold souls in still-hot bodies, steadfastly keeping the spark alive even as the world around them slowly snuffs itself out”

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