Meet James Grippando discussing and signing Blood Money

Books & Books, Coral Gables. January 11, 2013. 8:00 p.m.

New York Times bestselling author James Grippando is known for skillfully infusing his blockbuster Swyteck novels with newsworthy elements, and the idea for his latest thriller Blood Money was sparked by the attempted murder of an Oklahoma woman mistaken for Casey Anthony at the height of her notoriety, another shocking example of ordinary people taking the law into their own hands and suddenly transforming into vengeance-seeking crusaders.

Here, the acclaimed storyteller crafts a riveting fictional spin on real-life events as Jack becomes embroiled in America’s most spellbinding trial since the O.J. Simpson spectacle. His controversial client, attention-hungry cocktail waitress Sydney Bennett, is accused of killing her two-year-old child, with the prosecution arguing that this party girl wanted her freedom back and drowning the girl was her monstrous solution. While the evidence plays out in a Florida courtroom, Sydney – dubbed “Shot Mom” by one of her fiercest critics, a lawyer-turned-pundit – has already been tried, convicted, and sentenced by millions of television viewers.

But when the jury finds Sydney not guilty, and false rumors surface about her mega-bucks movie and book deals, mass hysteria over the verdict and alleged “blood money” payout builds to a fever pitch. A vindictive mob gathers outside the jail on the night of Sydney’s release. In what seems to be a spontaneous act of vigilantism, a lookalike college student is attacked and left in a coma. Although many are quick to condemn Jack and his team for the assault, unexpectedly the victim’s parents beg him to get justice for their daughter, a plea he can’t refuse.

As he sets out to discover what really happened that evening and why, his investigation twists and turns in startling ways, endangering himself and everyone around him. But Jack won’t be deterred – not even when he learns the truth about the insidious evil lurking just beyond the glare of the media spotlight.

When he’s not writing, James Grippando continues to practice law, and as a part of David Boies’ firm, he works on cutting-edge cases with leading experts in various fields. This hands-on experience with some of today’s most interesting legal issues gives his novels an unrivaled authenticity, a signature strength that is on full display in Blood Money. Grippando is the bestselling author of Need You Now, Afraid of the Dark, Money to Burn, Intent to Kill, Born to Run, Last Call, Lying with Strangers, When Darkness Falls, Got the Look, Hear No Evil, Last to Die, Beyond Suspicion, A King’s Ransom, Under Cover of Darkness, Found Money, The Abduction, The Informant, and The Pardon.

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