Musicall Community Program Registrations 2018-2019 are NOW OPEN

For the School Year 2018-2019, Musicall Conservatory has conveniently created class combinations to strengthen the children’s musical knowledge and to guaranteed their progress in their ability to read the music and to play their instruments.


Any Preparatory Strings Class Level I + Four Hands (Piano for 4-6 years old)
Any Preparatory Instrumental Class + Piano/ Theory

Vivace Orchestra + Piano/ Theory
Vivace Orchestra + Children’s Chorus

Intermezzo Orchestra + Piano/Theory
Intermezzo Orchestra + Improv.
Intermezzo Orchestra + Children’s Chorus

Advance Orchestra + Chamber Group
Advanced Orchestra + Improv.
Advanced Orchestra + Piano/Theory

Class tuition is based on lessons received for the whole school year. Flexible payments available.

More info: 786-220-0847 | [email protected]

Musicall, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that provides music instruction to all children in Miami. Its purpose is to positively affect our society through music. Children with participation in arts and music as a valuable experience broaden their understanding and appreciation of the world around them. Music education has a direct impact on academic achievements and brings the family closer together.

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