Open Showing / New Work by Jennifer Archibald at New World School of the Arts

Thu Oct 17, 2019. 4:00pm

Guest artist, choreographer Jennifer Archibald, and selected NWSA Dancers will present an informal studio showing of a new work.

Jennifer Archibald is known for her stylistically diverse choreography and has received numerous commissions, including several from the Cincinnati Ballet, where she is the first female Resident Choreographer in the company’s 40-year history. Archibald taps classical training, street, funk and lyrical dance styles to create high-energy contemporary dance works based in personal investigations of human behavior.

In this preview of her newest work, Hushed, for her own company, Arch Dance, Archibald dives into the consequences of muting women’s souls. Springing from Jane Brox’s A Social History of One of the Least Understood Elements of Our Lives, Archibald traces the history of silencing women’s voices. Performed by an all-female cast, Hushed brings together the hard edges of street dance with the fluidity of classical technique to express the ideals and disillusions that come from speaking uncomfortable truths.

New World Dance Theater
Thu Oct 17, 2019. 4:00pm
(Q&A with the artist)

Free and open to the public

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