PAMM’ Currents features TOPS in Concert

Thu Jun 20, 2019

In the second edition of CURRENTS, presented by Defy, a progressive audio-visual immersive cultural experience at PAMM’ waterfront terrace and a flash theater experience, by Miami Motel Stories, in the galleries.

TOPS is a four-piece band from Montreal, Canada, delivering a raw punk take on AM studio pop. Singer Jane Penny gives a new voice to the silent girl at the edge of the circle, disillusioned but honest and unpretentious, a tone complemented by David Carriere’s seamless guitar playing and the drumming of Riley Fleck.

TOPS’ subtle arrangements are delivered with a cool restraint that blend with the individuality and self-assured desire of their female lead. TOPS gather strength through intimacy. Self-written, recorded and produced, their albums are impeccable examples of pop craftsmanship that reward repeat listens.

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