Possibilities and Shared Spaces – “At Home with Art” Showcase Emphasizes Miami Artists and Art Resources

Sep 4 - 8, 2015
From left to right: Artists Tamara Hervera, Luis Valle, Duaív and Madelin Perez Noa.
From left to right: Artists Tamara Hervera, Luis Valle, Duaív and Madelin Perez Noa.

Connecting the community to Miami designers, artists and art resources is the central focus of the “At Home with Art” showcase featured at the Home Design and Remodeling Show, to take place September 4-8, 2015 (Labor Day Weekend) at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“At Home with Art” is an interactive, art showcase where the community is invited to meet the artist and get to know his/her artistic vision and process. Live painting demonstrations by popular Miami artists and the 2015 Coconut Grove Arts Festival poster Artist, DuaÍv will take place on stage and in the exhibition area.

The community is invited to participate in a stimulating discussion led by Susana Baker, radio show host of Art Talk with Susana Baker on 880am The Biz/Bloomberg Radio and visual arts contributor for Venu Magazine. The panelists are: Lilia Garcia – Director/Art Curator at Dynamo Art CocoWalk and at the Hunter/Coconut Grove Art Festival (CGAF) Galleries; Marte Siebenhar, Executive Director of Bakehouse Art Complex; Luis Valle – Artist and Gallery Director at Brisky Gallery; Mindy Solomon – Owner of Mindy Solomon Gallery, and Board Member of Miami Art Dealers Association; Nereida Garcia Ferraz – Artist and Teaching Artist at ICA Miami and PAMM; Cecilia Paz – Artist, Founder/Editor of Miami Art Blog, and Art Professor; Pascal Doytier – Founder of Talking Off the Wall publication; Viviana Malave –Interior Designer, and Founder of VGM Decorators Inc.

The 2015 “At Home for Art” Roster

Through a “call for artists,” 23 artists were selected to personally present and showcase a sampling of their work to the community. “At Home with Art” will consist of separate art spaces grouped together in one large exhibition area as follows:

“Conversation Piece” by artists, Tatiana Blanco; Emil Bodourov, and Lorie Ofir – These artists recognize art as more than just an object to match a color scheme or space. An artwork is a transfer of energy between creator and observer. It creates a dialogue and tells a story of history, process, culture, and style. Ofir’s “Hybrid Landscapes” explore the elsewhere and fuse it with the familiar to present a serene and surreal world. Tatiana Blanco’s sculptures appear simultaneously modern, zen-like, and at times prehistoric; thus appealing to eastern and western sensibilities and transcending space and time. The diverse yet harmonious collection of paintings and photography by Emil Bodourov reflect a freedom of exploration.

“Possibilities” by artists Armando Colls, Marta Echazarreta, and Jose Pita Vazquez – Three distinctively different styles and artistic mediums find synergy in the concept of possibilities. Coll’s signature long exposure technique, reveal the possibilities of turning the common place into something of the imaginary. Challenged with health issues in her youth, Echazarreta has found strength in art and the possibility to transform her visual energy into powerful images. Pita Vazquez’ structures epitomize a fascination with architecture and are executed by an obsessive progression driven by the desire to turn clay into steel. The dichotomy of taking a medium that is born of the earth and fragile, and transforming it into something powerful is synonymous with existence.

“Shared Space” by artists Leah Guzman, Krisse Pasternack, and Cecilia Paz – The exploration of light, nature and the self are main themes of this exhibit. Guzman’s art reflects her curious, explorative, youthful and novel view on the world; each embodies an inquiry – soulful, scientific, existential or otherwise. She draws on the mythological, the biological and the visceral for inspiration and guidance. Pasternack’s “Atlantis Study” series speak of the beauty and the wonder of our world. There is a growing awareness of the fragility and preciousness of life on earth as we know it. Paz’ “The Selfie as my Self-Portrait” is one work in a series of 10 self-portrait paintings. A “selfie” was taken with a phone remotely through the use of the Nikon application. In the age of the digital world, selfies allow a person to be less inhibited than in regular portraits. The Self-Portrait is a celebration of one’s existence in the world.

“Accumulation” by artists Gianna DiBartolomeo, Tamara Hervera, and Nereida Garcia Ferraz – Together, these artists explore the idea of gathering and collecting using their distinct yet harmonious approaches. DiBartolomeo’s series, “Look Closer”, draws inspiration from Ishihara color vision tests where randomized dots contain clear-cut patterns discernible only to those with normal vision. Hervera’s site-specific installation, “Untitled”, is composed of an accumulation of discarded organic materials. By anthropomorphizing her materials, Hervera renders her materials worthy of moral care and consideration. Garcia Ferraz’s “Effects X Causes” consists of large groups of 3 dimensional cardboard sculptures. The multiple layers form different volumes and dimensions, bringing to mind urban landscapes, buildings, or wells. The work invites the viewer to reflect on issues of accumulation and space.

Urban ArtSpace curated by Susana Baker of The Art|Experience replicates a vibrant Wynwood Street. Don Rimx, Abstrk, Luis Valle, Atomik, Nicole Salgar, and Trek 6 present an interactive art showcase with on-site painting demonstrations. Artists, who all participate in the “Murals for Morale” program that benefits ASPIRA of Florida middle schools, will collaborate on a live “wall” size canvas that will be donated to new charter school, Aspira Arts Deco. This exhibit is sponsored by i.d. art; Carlson Fence Co. Inc. and The Art|Experience.

Inspirations from the Coconut Grove Arts Festival – As Miami’s most popular outdoor art show, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival (CGAF) gives Home Show-goers a sneak peek at some of the pieces that have inspired the event over the years. Among those featured in the exhibit is last year’s official poster and incredibly popular sailboat image, “Voilier,” created by internationally recognized painter Duaív. Known world-wide for his colorful marine imagery, Duaív will be making several appearances during the show and hosting live painting sessions where art lovers can interact and see firsthand how one piece of artwork can inspire an entire design theme.

Portrait of Calle Ocho – Viernes Culturales presents an exhibit of art that reflects the vibrant and colorful Little Havana Art District, featuring art by Astrid Alcayaga, Ninoska Perez Castellon, Madelin Perez Noa , and Fredy Villamil , and curated by Pati Vargas .

For a full list of featured events and schedules, visit www.homeshows.net

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