MAG Magazine 18




  • The Knight Arts Challenge engages with and awards the local arts community. And the winners are…
  • Beyond classical piano. A brief conversation with Kemal Gekic.
  • Home is where the lens is. Peggy Levison Nolan at Dina Mitrani Gallery.
  • O.H.W.O.W’s Confection. Everybody wanted to cook something!
  • Screenshots. Wynwood Street Art.
  • Miami Art Museum. NeoHooDoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith.
  • Lowe Art Museum. Las Artes de Mexico, from the Collection of the Gilcrease Museum.
  • Historical Museum of Southern Florida.
  • Black Crossroads: The African Diaspora in Miami.
  • Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. With You I Want To Live.
  • The Charest-Weinberg Gallery.
  • Sound Art Exhibition at The Bass Museum.
  • The South Beach International Animation Festival. 50. The Daniel Azoulay Gallery.
  • The Women’s Theater Project.
  • Listing