Seven Guitars by The M ensemble on stage at Sandrell Rivers Theater

Through Sun Jun 24, 2018

The world according to August Wilson – a world churning with life and death, lovemaking and violence, uplifting dreams and hard realities – is back onstage in South Florida with the opening of M Ensemble’s Seven Guitars.

Written in the mid-1990s, the sprawling drama is part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright’s 10-play Pittsburgh Cycle (first called the Century Cycle), with each play focused on black life in a different decade of the 20th century. Set in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, Wilson’s birthplace and the locale for nine of the 10 plays, “Seven Guitars” takes place in 1948. It begins and ends with most of the characters dressed in funereal black, as they eat and joke and mourn the sudden death of talented guitarist Floyd “Schoolboy” Barton.

Sandrell Rivers Theater
6103 NW Seventh Ave
Miami, FL 33127

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