Shakespeare and Friends Festival

New Theatre From Aug 16th through Sep 9th,2007In the final production of its 2007-2008 Shakespeare and Friends Festival, New Theatre presents George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan. The production is adapted and directed by Patrick Flick, under the artistic direction of Ricky J. Martinez. George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan is a tempestuous retelling of the mighty tale of Joan of Arc, the young girl who led the armies of King Charles of France against the British occupiers and their collaborators in the great wars of the 1400s in France. Believing she is chosen by God, Joan rallies her armies to victory until she is finally taken by the Burundians and sold to the British to go to trial for sorcery and heresy. Listening only to the voices of her beloved Saints, Joan stands against the bureaucracy of the Holy Inquisition of the Catholic Church, confessing, and then recanting her guilt as a heretic just before she is put to the flames. Flick’s adaptation of Saint Joan ignites New Theatre’s stage with the passion of Joan of Arc, and veteran performer Annemaria Rajala portrays Joan with the greatness, humor and sorrow of history’s favorite heroine from 15th century France. Three members of New Theatre’s Apprentice Program, which provides practical experience for students training as actors, directors and other stage production, are also involved in the production. For more information, please call: 305.443.5909

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