SMDCAC presents STREB Extreme Action

Sat 20 Jan, 2018 - Sun 21 Jan, 2018

Not dancers, but STREB super heroes perform a wild kaleidoscope of action events careening through, around, and above invented structures accompanied by high energy music and STREB’s resident DJ. STREB’ choreographer Elizabeth Streb calls her dancers action heroes.

STREB aims to create work that speaks of and to intrinsic human potential. Reinventing a radical art, entwined with the culture of the street, as accidental an occurrence in people’s everyday urban lives as the parks, the sidewalks, the trees and the corner deli. Founded in New York City in 1985, SREB has been considered a thrilling spectacle, involving danger and defiance to gravity beyond all illusions. Their rehearsals are often open to the public, attracting many.

Main Stage

South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center
10950 SW 211th St
Miami FL 33189

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