Radical Conventions: Cuban American Art from the 1980s at Lowe Art Museum
March 17 – June 12, 2022

By the 1980s, the first waves of Cuban exiles who migrated to South Florida in the previous two decades had begun to establish themselves as an economic force with increasing political power. In the process they developed an ideological narrative around which the community could rally; that is, to liberate Cuba from communism. This thinking not only informed their political and social … +


Coral City Camera on view at the Lowe Art Museum through June 2022
Through June 12, 2022

Coral City Camera is a multimedia artwork and (click here for live stream) research tool by artist-scientist duo Coral Morphologic and presented by Bas Fisher Invitational (BFI) and Bridge Initiative. Submerged alongside PortMiami, the Coral City Camera reveals the surprising diversity of pioneering coral reef organisms that call Miami home. Coral Morphologic is studying these populations in conjunction with NOAA and the … +


Bridges: Fostering exchanges at the Lowe Art Museum
Through April 29, 2022

Bridges captures our intersecting community of South Florida artists and students as an act of inclusion and visibility within greater Miami. Utilizing the windows and galleries at the Lowe Art Museum, this nested exhibition serves as a bridge between the quiet contemplative spaces of viewing contemporary art and the bustling university campus. This action is a collaboration between 2b Non Profit, the … +


Carlos Estévez: Cities of the Mind exhibited at Lowe Art Museum
Through May 3, 2020

The most recent project of renowned Cuban-American artist Carlos Estévez, Cities of the Mind features nine large-format paintings that reference the artist’s fascination with city plans. Inspired by the Havana of his youth, the Medieval European cities to which he has traveled extensively as an adult, and his abiding interest in symbolic cosmology and origin stories, Estévez has created in this body of new work personal … +


Binomial: Claudia DeMonte & Ed McGowin at Lowe Art Museum
Through Mar 22, 2020

With her deep-seated interests in globalism, identity politics, feminism, and social responsibility, Claudia DeMonted mines her auto-biography as well as the stories of the countless women she has met in her extensive travels to inform her creative process. DeMonte’s artistic output reflects not only her cosmopolitan view of the world but also her sense of place within it. She is equally attuned … +


History, Labor, Life: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence at Lowe Art Museum
Feb 20 - May 24, 2020

The traveling exhibition History, Labor, Life: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence explores three major themes of Lawrence’s larger oeuvre and specifically focuses on his graphic work. Lawrence’s recording and recollection of African-American and larger African diasporic histories are featured, as well as his vivid observations of the dynamic city life in his native Harlem, New York City. Works in the exhibition span from 1963 to 2000 and include … +


DIAGO: The Pasts of This Afro-Cuban Present, last days of exhibition at Lowe Art Museum
Through Jan 19, 2020

A leading member of the new Afro-Cuban cultural movement, visual artist Juan Roberto Diago (b. 1971) has produced a body of work that offers a revisionist history of the Cuban nation. This retrospective traces Diago’s singular efforts to construct new pasts; the pasts required to explain the racial tensions of contemporary Cuba, the pasts of this Afro-Cuban present. Guest curated by Dr. Alejandro de … +


Carlos Estévez: Cities of the Mind Opens at the Lowe Art Museum
Thu Oct 24, 2019, 7 - 9 p.m.

Cities of the Mind features nine large-format paintings that reference the artist’s fascination with city plans. Inspired by the Havana of his youth, the Medieval European cities to which he has traveled extensively as an adult, and his abiding interest in symbolic cosmology and origin stories, Estévez has created in this new body of work personal maps of the human mind influenced by … +


Billie Grace Lynn: A House Divided, (last days) at Lowe Art Museum
Through Sun Sep 15, 2019

University of Miami Associate Professor of Sculpture Billie Grace Lynn is known for creating meticulous, thought-provoking projects and interventions that address some of contemporary culture’s most pressing issues head-on. Her latest work is no exception: Featuring Lynn’s sculptural interpretation of a 26-foot tall hoodie and an 18-foot mirrored kinetic obelisk, this interactive, inter-disciplinary project invites viewers to reflect on identity politics, civic … +


James Prosek: CONTRA NATURUM exhibited at Lowe Art Museum
Through Sun Sep 8, 2019

Deeply invested in both the environment and environmental concerns, James Prosek is a contemporary artist whose creative output explores timeless aspects of humanity and the natural world while also engaging directly with the zeitgeist. These complementary threads are beautifully woven together in his exhibition, James Prosek: Contra Naturam/Against Nature, providing a critical commentary on South Florida’s rapidly changing ecosystem. Artist, writer, naturalist, and … +

Visual Arts

Sebastian Spreng’s DRESDEN at Lowe Art Museum
Through Sun Sep 23, 2018

Sebastian Spreng’s DRESDEN depicts the decimation of this beautiful eastern German city by Allied bombers in February 1945, and is a meditation on mankind’s infinite capacity for both good and evil. Despite the stark messaging of the images in the  DRESDEN project, the 61 works, created on an iPad, have an undeniably lyrical, painterly quality due, in part, to Spreng’s deep knowledge of … +


Hands & Earth, Six Perspectives on Japanese Contemporary Ceramics at Lowe Art Museum
Wed Jun 20, 2018 - Sun Sep 23, 2018

This exhibition consists of five groupings of important works by Japanese ceramic artists of the last 80 years to sample the range of shapes, glazes, surface treatments of many of the greatest ceramic artists as well as an in-depth selection of early modern through contemporary masters. The exhibition consists of stoneware from Bizen, Shigaraki, and Mino to contrast with the Chinese inspired … +


Stone Levity by Artist Del Geist at Lowe Art Museum
Thu 16 Nov, 2017 - Sun 29 Apr, 2018

Environmental artist and sculptor Del Geist has been creating art in the public realm for more than thirty years. Using the natural world and its materials as his palette, Geist has developed major site-specific sculptures and installations throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Along with his significant public commissions, Geist has created innumerable intimately-scaled works over the course of his distinguished career. … +


Lowe Art Museum exhibits Walter Wick
Thu 22 Jun, 2017

“Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos, and Toys in the Attic” is the first museum retrospective of Walter Wick, the award-winning author and photographic illustrator of Can You See What I See? and co-creator of the famed I Spy book series. This engaging exhibition features a selection of Wick’s early photographs, which provided a foundation for the artist’s interest in illusions, puzzles, games, and … +


J.Tomás López: The Portrait Series at Lowe Art Museum
Thu 25 May, 2017

Drawing from his personal pantheon of artist heroes, López’s work evokes the powerful imagery of 19th-century master portrait photographers like Nadar (Gaspar Félix Tournachon) and Julia Margaret Cameron. The series exemplifies Lopez’s acute interest in the continuation of formal photographic processes through carbon printing, which produces very beautiful, high-quality images that are rich in pigment and outstanding in visual resolution; a quality … +