The 34th International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami returns to the Arsht Center’s Carnival Studio Theater.

Thu Jul 11, 2019 - Sun Jul 28, 2019

This year edition of Miami’s Hispanic Theatre Festival will feature local Miami Teatro Avante, also productions from Zaragoza and Cádiz (Spain). Written originally in Spanish, these pieces shed a contemporary light on old classics. Directors as Paco de la Zaranda, Pepe Bable and Mario Ernesto Sánchez, showcase their art within the highly acclaimed festival. Passion and thoughtful questions are posed, through theatre delight as nowhere else.

La extinta poética (Extinct Poetics)
July 11 – 14
Zaragoza, SPAIN | Nueve de Nueve
Written by/de Eusebio Calonge | Directed by/dirigida por Paco de la Zaranda

What does Ophelia do in our era? Who hears her lament before she sinks into vulgarity and tedium? It is like asking for the meaning of poetry in our age of speed and space.

Bendita Gloria (Blessed Gloria)
July 19 – 21
Cadiz, SPAIN | Albanta
Written by/de Juan García Larrondo | Directed by/dirigida por Pepe Bable

Following her father’s death, Gloria shuts herself up in her home like a hermit inside a labyrinthine retreat, becoming usurper, mistress and slave in a prison that houses other ghosts with no less tangled histories.

July 25 – 28
Miami, U.S.A. | Teatro Avante
Written by/de Abel González Melo | Directed by/dirigida por Mario Ernesto Sánchez

A theatre company comes across unpublished manuscripts by the poet María Luisa Milanés (1893-1919), an ardent feminist and patriot born in Bayamo, Cuba, and undertakes the mission of crafting a play based on her complicated life, thereby discovering the fascinating story of a dangerous confrontation with patriarchal tyranny.

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