The First Triennial of Chile

From Oct 5th through Dec 5th, 2009.

The renowned Curator of the Triennial of Chile 2009 and Minister for Culture of Paraguay, Ticio Escobar, launched in October the first Triennial of Chile with the presence of the President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, and the President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo.

International artists, curators, critics and intellectuals have been invited to participate in the Triennial of Chile 2009, an emblematic project of the Chilean Bicentenary. Ticio Escobar, General Curator, considers that Chile has the geography and its own upright disposition to allow work on different scenarios, segmenting the map into three horizontal strips.

The main exhibitions of this visual arts event will be developed between October and December 2009. The Triennial of Chile is a decentralized model, different from other Biennials that seek to give visibility to only one city. Seven Chilean cities are active cultural epicenters, with three zones of development: North, Center and South.

This 2009 edition consists of exploring the limits of art from Chile’s own geographical frontiers. The Triennial will include exhibitions, colloquiums, art workshops, clinics, interventions and artist residencies, video series, and political discussions on native matters and concerns on the intersection of native, popular and contemporary art.

The Triennial will present a series of International Colloquiums led by the prestigious Chilean editor Nelly Richard, and a circuit of video art led by the Mónica Carballas (Spain). Manuel Borja (Spain), Néstor García Canclini (Argentina-México), Andrea Giunta (Argentina) and Suely Rolnik (Brazil) are some of the invited participants to the Colloquiums.

The First Triennial of Chile

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