The New Miami Beach Cinematheque at the Historic Miami Beach City Hall

Mar 2011.

altAfter a long wait and much passion and hard work, the Miami Beach Cinematheque has finally opened again, at its new home made possible by a wide variety of people who were determined to put the appreciation of the art of cinema on the map in Miami Beach. Board Members and Founding Circle Members, Corporate Sponsors, Foundations, Designers, Craftsmen, Individuals and Volunteers have donated time, money, effort, and energy to open a cinematheque, proving it can all be achieved with perseverance.

It is truly a local community effort. It is a place created by people who love film and photography, and it will be a place to love film and photography, whether by a veteran cinephile or someone who is just merely curious. You can look forward to a great combination of art films, documentaries, local independents, foreign films, classic as well as cutting edge retrospectives, and screenings for all the local film festivals, just as MBC has done for the past eight years, but now with extended scheduling in our larger screening room complemented by a photographic arts gallery (opening with an exhibition of the legendary photographs of Frank Worth in collaboration with Rudolf Budja Gallery), a café (serving our own line of new baked goods and Nespresso coffees), and an expanded bookstore/library, including a Taschen boutique.

The new MBC opened with “Oscar Night America, Miami Beach”, Miami’s official Academy Awards®, followed by several nominee screenings including the Best Short Animated and Live Action Nominees and a Best Documentary Nominee, Waste Land. The most critically acclaimed and provocative films of the year will be screened at MBC, in high definition digital format with state-of-the-art surround sound, such as the opening month line-up which includes 2011 Golden Globe winner Carlos by Olivier Assayas, a last chance to see on a big screen (where it belongs) the uber-cinematic Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé, South Korea’s sensational The Housemaid by Sang-soo Im, the sublime White Material by Claire Denis, and the elegant and personal The Time That Remains by Elia Suleiman. And in honor of the designers, artisans, and workers who hand made the cinematheque, we will open our “Chaplin Restored!” retrospective with Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece Modern Times, which has been beautifully restored in high definition digital format and is being premiered theatrically at MBC in collaboration with Emerging Pictures, and made possible by Janus Films, MK2, and the Chaplin Estate. The Chaplin retrospective is complemented by an exhibition of vintage Chaplin memorabilia from MBC’s archive.

You can be involved and help support the cinematheque with a membership or donation to your new institution for cinema! Join the Founding Circle now to be on the Founding Circle Plaque, which will be prominently displayed in the lobby! Hurry, since there is limited time to be on the Founder’s Plaque!

Miami Beach Cinematheque
1130 Washington Avenue
South Side. Ground Floor
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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