The Women's Theatre Project

Jar the Floor. From Feb 22nd through Mar 16th, 2008. The Women's Theatre Project. Miami TheatersJar the Floor is a play created by playwright Cheryl L. West presented by The Women's Theatre Project under the direction of Genie Croft. The play tells the story of a quartet of black women spanning four generations make up this heartwarming dramatic comedy. The four, plus a white friend of the youngest, come together to celebrate the matriarch's ninetieth birthday.

It's a wild party; one that is a lovable lunatic glance at the exhilarating challenge of growing old amidst the exasperating trials of growing up. "…A moving and hilarious account of a black family sparring in a Chicago suburb…." according to New York Magazine. Starring in this new version of Jar the Floor will be actresses Karen Stephens, Charlette Seward, Lauren Reppucci, Lela Elam and Carolyn Johnson.

Performances take place at the Sixth Star Studios located at 505 NW 1st Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.

For more information, please call: 954.462.2334

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