Tigertail Production releases Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual: Sunstruck Matches

Books & Books. October 28, 2013, 8:00 p.m.

Tigertail Productions is launching Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual: Sunstruck Matches. This tenth edition of Tigertail’s annual publication is edited by noted poet and food/wine writer Jen Karetnick.

Ten years of poetry annuals will be celebrated, honoring the editors and poets of all 10 books. Past editors include Richard Blanco, who delivered President Obama’s inaugural poem, Campbell McGrath, Michael Hettich, Emma Trelles, Max Winter, Charles Perrone & Horácio Costa, Denise Duhamel, The Miami Poetry Collective and Lynne Barrett.

Sunstruck Matches explores the theme of “pairings.” Thirty-two poets and writers with connections to Florida – some acting together as collaborators on single pieces, a few writing in response to each other, and others working solo – contribute poetry, flash fiction and flash creative nonfiction. Each piece explores the idea of what it means to be paired, and the result is a unique and eclectic compilation that is a feast for the senses.

About the book, Karetnick writes, “As always, the theme of this decennial Tigertail, A South Poetry Annual: Sunstruck Matches, was open to interpretation. The most successful prompts are just that—something the poet or prose writer can ingest and regurgitate in completely unforeseen ways. Still, I was confident I knew what to expect when I sent out the call for submissions based on ‘pairings.’ We were sure I would receive plenty of food-and-wine offerings. I was sent three. Some of the non-food items came from directions I never anticipated. In the email that accompanied her submissions, Terry Godbey confided that when she received the call for submissions, ‘Naturally, I thought of breasts.’ In the end, many of the poems are more about family than food. So maybe Sunstruck Matches isn’t exactly stimulation for the physical appetite. But it’s a feast for the senses all the same.”

Many of the book’s 32 authors will participate in the evening’s reading. Writers included in this volume are: Elisa Albo, Jill M. Allen, Kevin Allen, John Balaban, Kacee Belcher, C.M. Clark, J.J. Colagrande, Neil De La Flor, Andrea Dulanto, Nicholas Garnett, Zan Gay, Corey Ginsberg, Terry Godbey, Lola Haskins, Michael Hettich, Paula Kolek, John Kramel, Mia Leonin, Christopher Louvet, Jesse Millner, Caridad Moro, Lauren Doyle Owens, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Catherine Prescott, Katherine Riegel, Juan C. Sanchez, Peter Schmitt, Maureen Seaton, Brenda Serotte, Ira Sukrungruang, Carol Todaro and Michael Trammell.

The cover photo of the book is by Francie Bishop Good. Signed books will be available for purchase.

Tigertail is edited each year by a different guest editor(s), and invited to create a distinctive edition by choosing writing that echoes his or her own personal enthusiasms and concerns.

Tigertail at Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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