Uruguyan-Argentine Musical Comedy "Miss Tacuarembó" opens at Coral Gables Cinema

From October 5 through 18, 2012.

Alternating between the past and present, Miss Tacuarembó chronicles both Natalia’s childhood as a rebellious outcast, and her struggles to find fame in the big city, all the while with her gay best friend Carlos at her side. Stuck in their small town life, they practice their dance moves performing to the Flashdance soundtrack, and earn the ire of their conservative families and teachers.

Grown up they toil away at day jobs at Holyland, a Bible-themed amusement park in Buenos Aires. Rossy de Palma’s deliriously realized talk-show host character might offer them a way out, or perhaps the solution lies with the hunky new employee at the park both friends like. Filled with bright colors, surreal dream sequences and catchy musical numbers, Miss Tacuarembó is a terrific showcase for its first-time director.

The film stars up-and-coming Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro in the lead role, and Argentine-heart throb Mike Amigorena as a very hunky “Jesus Christ.”

Coral Gables Art Cinema
260 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134


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