WordSpeak 2010: Tigertail Teen Spoken WordBook & CD

Books & Books. December 28, 2010. 8:00 p.m.

altTigertail takes great pleasure in launching the WordSpeak 2010 book and CD by Tigertail’s award-winning 2010 WordSpeak teen team. This books and CD brings you the leading edge of new work in spoken word. On this evening, members of this incredible team will “spit” poems guaranteed to rivet you to your seat. The WordSpeak 2010 book cover is designed by Chris Meesey and its interior by Heber Siqueiros. The teen editor is Sandrina Seraphin.

Join these outstanding teen poets for an evening of passionate performance. “WordSpeak, Volume V is the fifth book and CD of our Tigertail teen spoken word project. This is a powerful, direct-from-the-heart collection of spoken word poems captured in print and on CD. This wonderful group of teen poets participated in Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam and Festival held, July 2010 in Los Angeles, CA and making it to the final rounds of BNV”, said Tigertail CEO Mary Luft. At Brave New Voices team member Yarminiah Rosa won a GreenSpeak Award from the Robert Redford Center and will perform her poem After at Sundance in January 2011. In addition to Yarminiah Rosa, other team members in the book include Shamoyia Gardiner, Alejandra Nunez, Sandrina Seraphin, Diego Mosquera and Wesley George.

Spoken word is first of all an oral and performance form. Tigertail started printing WordSpeak and SpeakOut poems in an effort to document the writing of these incredible young writers. The experience of reading this book and listening to the CD are quite different from one another.

Tigertail’s adult coach Teo Castellanos guided the project and teens in a multi-month process of writing, training and working together. 1000 Miami-Dade teens were reached through spoken word performances and workshops and over 550 teens competed and read at slams held at the Miami Beach Regional Library.

This year, once again SpeakOut, our LGBTQ teen spoken word project is represented in this book with a poem by Kristopher Fraser. Also, in late July 2010 Tigertail brought two teens and their chaperone from Curaçao to Miami to work with our team and exchange information about their work as writers and poets. A poem by one of these teens Kionn Yung is included. In addition, this year the Tigertail WordSpeak program participated in the Magnet Program of North Miami Senior through the guidance of Mark Osterman.

Tigertail Productions at Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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