Actors Workshop Of South Florida Theatre

The Supporting Cast. From Nov 30th through Dec 9th, 2007.

Miami TheatersThe Actors Workshop of South Florida Theatre is presenting the play The Supporting Cast at Willow Theatre, located at the Sugar and Sand Park in Boca Raton. The Supporting Cast tells the story of Ellen, the wife of a successful author, who has written a book about her East coast life-long friends and what it is like to be married to somebody famous.

She has invited them to her West coast Malibu beach house to let them read the advance copies and break the news that they are depicted in her book. Her colorful friends are also spouses of celebrities, and Ellen has shared their stories with the hope that their common bond will overcome any concerns about their lives being made public. Egos and friendships are stretched to the breaking-point but can their friendship survive such revelations?

For more information, please call: 561.347.3948

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