Around the World in 80 Days at Waterfront Playhouse

Thu Dec 12, 2019 - Sat Dec 28, 2019

Stampeding elephants, raging typhoons, runaway trains! The original amazing race at Waterfront Playhouse. Previews of this play will happen on Dec 11-12, 2019

The story follows two travelers that grow to a trio and then a foursome as they fight their way through countless obstacles to reach home. The main characters are Phileas Fogg , a ruthless perfectionist who cares more about the bet than the exotic places he sees on his travels. He will do anything, even lie and cheat, to get what he wants. Jean Passepartout is Fogg’s French butler. Detective Fix, who works for Scotland Yard, and is on the trail of a bank robber. In his own way, Fix is as ruthless as Fogg. Aouda, an Indian Princess. She is trapped by her situation in India, and jumps at the chance to accompany Fogg and Passepartout when they save her from an early death

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