Art Basel at The Wynwood Walls: Come and Dream! Tribute to Founder Tony Goldman

From December 6 through 9, 2012.

Established in 2009 by Goldman Properties founder Tony Goldman and visual arts guru Jeffrey Deitch, Wynwood Walls, Miami’s open air “museum of the streets” continues to attract visitors from around the world. Currently encompassing more than 40 dazzling, cutting-edge murals created by respected street artists from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States, this year’s Wynwood Walls Art Basel programming will honor the memory of Goldman, the transformative founder of the now world-renowned art park, who passed away in September 2012.

The Wynwood Walls program for 2012, under the direction of CEO Jessica Goldman Srebnick, in collaboration with Goldman Properties’ arts manager Meghan Coleman, invites the public to come and dream, to see the world through the eyes of a visionary via a new exhibition of commissioned works entitled Time Evaporates, Emotion Elevates; the debut of the Augmented Reality Application at Wynwood Walls; The Shop at the Walls; a new Shepard Fairey mural incorporating the image of Tony Goldman; and a garden created from the mind of famed artist and Goldman friend, Kenny Scharf. Each of these individual pieces form a journey that gives visitors the opportunity to “Come and Dream” in the world of Tony Goldman.

The Shop At the Walls: The Shop will invite the public to re-envision life through a curated collection of limited art editions, inspired and created by the artists of Wynwood Walls. As part of “Come and Dream” the public is invited to make, enjoy and take part in the creative life.  Artists will create Go-Kits, available for purchase, that encourage these actions. For example Go Paint! will contain large format art paper, spray paint and artists’ stencils to give purchasers the tools to create a spontaneous painting. There will be kits for dreaming, going to the beach, celebrating, listening to music, stories, and anecdotes from the artists of Wynwood Walls, etc. The shop will also feature a full range of artist-designed products available for purchase, as well as the award-winning photographer Martha Cooper Database of Street and Grafitti Art.

Time Evaporates, Emotion Elevates: A curated exhibit featuring specially commissioned lenticular lightbox paintings by selected artists of the Wynwood Walls will be installed within the new Nicewalk Gallery space. Taking its name from a quote of Goldman’s – the concept of emotion being stronger than time – resounds through the installation. While the list of participating artists is still being finalized, those slated to participate all had an especially close relationship with Tony, who was supportive of their work. The exhibition will also include a projection platform displaying the webisode series of Here Comes the Neighborhood as well as additional videos. Monitors within the Gallery will also display video of Tony Goldman silently greeting guests and wandering through the Wynwood Walls; surrounding this monitor will also be an exhibition of artworks and ephemera related directly to the visionary man.

Augmented Reality Application: Available for download on Android and iPhones, the app will allow visitors to see an “augmented reality of the murals” created in coordination with the artists.  For Art Basel, the first of numerous Artist Augmented Realities will debut, the rest will be released throughout the year. In addition to the first two Augmented realities, the application will also provide a tour of the Wynwood Walls before there were any murals as well as of previous murals.

Special Projects:

The Kenny Scharf Garden – A Memorial Garden for Tony Goldman will be installed and dedicated at the site of Scharf’s mural at 2219 NW Second Avenue, with the augmentation of a fountain, landscaped garden, lighting, an additional mural and the relocation of Scharf’s famed Airstream trailer, with its 1960s psychedelic dayglo interior.

Shepard Fairey’s large iconic mural outside Wynwood Kitchen & Bar will be redone and the artist will incorporate an image of Goldman, which is sure to become another iconic mural.

Yogart: Relocating last year’s successful event from Miami Beach to Wynwood Doors, Thursday, December 6 – Saturday, December 8, a nightly yoga class will take place, with online registration available, details to follow. Other program components are still in the process of being finalized.

Anchoring it all will be Wynwood Walls’ 40 murals, encompassing stunning works by artists Shepard Fairey, Faile, Retna, The Date Farmers, How and Nosm, Saner and Sego, Liqen and Kenny Scharf, among many others.

The Wynwood Walls
NW 2nd Avenue, between NW 25th & 26th Streets
Miami, FL 33127

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