Arts Ballet Theater of Florida presents Chipollino

Sat 4 Mar, 2017 - Sun 12 Mar, 2017

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida is back on track with ballet season 2016-2017, and it is getting ready to present Chipollino, a spectacular ballet that has been enchanting audiences from all ages since its debut in Puerto Rico, back in 1992 and in Miami in 2001.

The ballet is based on a fairy tale by Gianni Rodari. It is a two-act piece with music of Russian composer Karen Khachaturian, under the artistic direction of Vladimir Isaaev, who also choreographed this fun and enjoyable ballet adapted to the American audiences.

The story tells the adventures of a group of fruits and vegetables living within The Town of Limonia, where Chipollino is a naughty little green onion who along her friends Ms. Carrot and Ms. Daysi live funny adventures.

The town of Limonia has all vegetable characters where Mother Pumpkin is trying to build up her house, and when the Tomato Police tears it down all the habitants among them the Lettuces, the Radishes, the Apples, the Strawberries and the Peas, help her to build it up again.

Naughty Chipollino steps on the foot of Prince Lemon, and his father Chipollone is taken to prison by mistake. At the castle, Ms. Cherry and her beautiful flowers friends help him liberate his beloved father not without going into a series of mischievous and risky moments.

Kevin Zong and Kazuya Arima portrait the main role of Chipollino. Dancers Kayci Rodriguez and Hinano Eto will be in charge of dancing as Miss Cherry. And the highly acclaimed principal dancer Mary Carmen Catoya will share Ms. Carrot’s role with also principal dancer Lilian Hill.

A colorful production with backdrops and sets exclusively designed for Arts Ballet Theatre by artist Elena Bond will be enhanced by the incredible creativity of costume designer Jorge Gallardo, giving life to a charming and vegetarian scenery.

The ballet Chipollino is a wonderful option for South Florida families who enjoy ballet and would also like to introduce their young ones to this magical world, through a fun and happy story. Its colorful staging and “cartoon–like” choreography make of this ballet the most popular one of the repertoire by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida.

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