Ballet Flamenco La Rosa presents Fiesta Flamenca

Oct 18th, 2015, 3:00pm

Artists from the U.S, Latin America and Spain, led by the world renowned master teacher, choreographer, soloist and Artistic Director Ilisa Rosal, bring to this production the spellbinding and earthy power of Flamenco dance at its best.

With its spectacular footwork, precise athleticism and vibrant energy, Flamenco is at once sensual and spiritual, raw and refined, and filled with both restrained passion and electrifying release, making it a powerful and passionate evening. This production will incorporate live music, original choreography and improvisation by exceptional Flamenco artists. This production will incorporate live music, created and arranged by Guitarist Alex Jordan and Singer Salvador de Angela along with choreography danced by Mayelu Perez, Natalia Novela and Jose Junco.

Fiesta Flamenca will delight the audience with pure Flamenco music and dance, in a range of rhythms and styles that will take you through dramatic, soulful, joyous, sensual and passionate moods with powerful vocals, electrifying footwork, and all of the grace and beauty that has made Flamenco so loved by audiences throughout the world. The excitement of improvisation that is authentic Flamenco will have you screaming “ole” and clapping with the rhythm.

PAN, Performing Arts Network
13124 West Dixie Hwy.
North Miami, FL 33161


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