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Conference and Poetry Reading with Adrian Castro June 20th, 2007The Spanish Cultural Center in Miami is presenting a conference and poetry reading with Adrian Castro entitled On Crossing Borders on June 20th, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. Castro is a poet, performer, and interdisciplinary artist born in Miami, a place which has provided fertile ground for the rhythmic Afro-Latino style in which he writes and performs. Articulating the search for a cohesive Afro-Caribbean-American identity, Castro honors myth on one hand and history on the other. He addresses the migratory experience from Africa to the Caribbean to North America, and the eventual clash of cultures. Castro creates a circular motion of theme, tone, subject matter, style, and cultural history, giving rise to a fresh illuminating archetypal poetry. These themes reach their climax in their declamation – the call-and-response rhythm of performance with a whole lot of tun-tun ka-ka pulse. He is the author of Cantos to Blood and Honey,(Coffee House Press, 1997), Wise Fish: Tales in 6/8 Time,(Coffee House Press, 2005), and has been published in many literary anthologies. Adrian Castro is also a Babalawo and herbalist.

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