Panamerican Art Projects

From Feb 24th through Mar 31st, 2007The new Panamerican Art Projects, located in Wynwood Art District is presenting a group exhibition featuring Hernan Dompé, Juan Lecuona, Andrés Waissman and in the Video Box: Nora Correas. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place at the gallery on February 24th, 2007 with artists in attendance. The sculptures of Hernan Dompé are made from materials such as metal, wood and leather. His ships in a dream-like form and fish in contorted positions convey in a very personal imagery the artist’s commentary on traveling through life, the journey that each of us takes from the time we are born. His totem figures looks like warriors from a past culture, fully invested with power. Lecuona’s work reflects his interest in the female figure, reflected in the form of a pattern, similar to the ones used in dress making. Some of these patterns are winged, like mannequins with wings, a metaphor of freedom. Lecuona’s work is characterized by an explosive use of color which he applies to each of his canvases. Andrés Waissman’s abstract paintings are based on his universe, from the Torah. He creates very rich surfaces by the superimposition of colors. These works are the results of his experiments with text and masses. According to the artist, it is a process that began three years ago, when he became interested in the alphabets, especially Hebrew and Aramaic. Nora Correas’ installation is a commentary about the mass production taking place in China. From an ecological point of view she is talking about the contamination resulting from this process and what it is bringing to the world, as well as the consequences to specific countries. For more information, please call: 305.573.2400

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