Artformz Alternative welcomes Extraordinary Worlds

From Sep 9th through Oct 14th, 2006Artformz Alternative, located in the Design District, presents Extraordinary Worlds, an exhibition featuring the work of well-known local names along with some of the most exciting discoveries working today. The exhibition includes eleven artists, all of whom are involved in portraying what could be described as their own very personal world. Fantasy and reality, fears and emotions, the political and the social, are presented, highlighting the diversity of thought and execution, as well as a great affinity for portraying the passion of life. This exhibition showcases the works of Jeff Breed, Fabian De La Flor, Natasha Duwin, Onofre Frias, Danny Mansmith, Katy McQuillin, Rebecca Newell, Maria Caridad Perez, Carolina Sardi, Alette Simmons-Jimenez and Oscar Manuel Vargas. For more information, please call: 305.572.0040

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