Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde Play

Caldwell Theatre. From Jan 3rd through Feb 7th, 2010.

Caldwell Theatre Company presents Lauren Wilson’s outrageously, flamboyant, Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde Play. Embodying Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde is South Florida’s premiere physical comedian, Tom Wahl. After years of perfecting his comedic skills with multiple productions nationwide of Sheer Madness, Mr. Wahl steps into the role of the strange doctor with tongue firmly planted in cheek.
Said Clive Cholerton, Caldwell Theatre’s Artistic Director and director of Chemical Imbalance, “I continue to be in awe of how creative Tom is. Just when I think he can’t make me laugh any harder, I’m doubled over again, gasping for air”.

The cast of Chemical Imbalance is rounded out with South Florida’s “Dream Team” of comedic talents, John Felix, Erin Joy Schmidt, Angie Radosh, Amy Elaine Anderson, Wynn Harmon, Lindsey Forgey, Laura Turnbull, and Tiffany-Leigh Moskow. 

Included in the creative comedic frivolity is Caldwell’s design team of Tim Bennett-scenic design, John D. Hall-lighting design, Alberto Arroyo-costume design, Deborah Veres-property design and Sean Lawson-sound design.

Caldwell Theatre Company
7901 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33487

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