Coral Gables Art Cinema: Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman Premiere

Fri 10 Feb, 2017

Their Tehran apartment block on the brink of collapse, a couple is obliged to move into a shabby nearby flat. Soon an unfriendly visitor comes calling and there is an eruption of violence. Before we can get our bearings, this work of slow-burning suspense has us unnerved and unable to look away.

Farhadi rose to international prominence after A Separation won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film – the first Iranian film to do so. With his nominating for The Salesman, Farhadi is poised to win a second Oscar in the same category. At Cannes, The Salesman received prizes for Best Actor and Best Screenplay. Farhadi’s special gift for drawing incrementally shaded performances from his actors is a key element of his directorial signature.

Coral Gables Cinema
260 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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