Venezuelan photographer Luis Cobelo’ exhibits Zurumbático at Leica Store Miami

March 18 - May 27, 2022

Zurumbático is a story full of the lifeblood that permeates thousands of Latin American little towns, the roots of that giant empirical hemisphere – passionate, forgotten, fickle, violent and, above all, happy. Aracataca is the country where Gabriel García was born and which inspired his original Macondo. This place, and the surrounding geographical area in this Caribbean part of Colombia, was his starting point.

Working independently across borders since 2001, Luis has developed documentary projects in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and has been published in many magazines and newspapers worldwide. His work is focused on South American culture, where he created his first photobook “Zurumbático”, to reveal the magical spirit of this part of the world.

Born in Venezuela, Luis Cobelo was born in Venezuela and is currently based in San Francisco, California. He was raised and became a photographer between Venezuela and Spain. Luis studied philosophy at the University of Zulia. Beginning in 1993, he participated in numerous international photography festivals and solo exhibitions.

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