Exclusive Miami Premiere of Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013

Coral Gables Cinema. From February 8 through 15, 2013.

The Oscars come early to South Florida with the Exclusive Miami Premiere of the always-popular Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013 programs, starting this Friday, February 8, for one week only, at the Coral Gables Art Cinema. For the first time in true theatrical-standard state-of-the-art 2K Digital Cinema Projection, audiences will have a chance to watch the shorts prior to the 85th Academy Awards ceremony at the end of the month.
The three categories will be screened in four separate regular-priced programs – one live action, one animation and two documentary shows – throughout the week, with each hosted on-screen by past Oscar short winners. After each screening audience members will be able to cast their vote for their favorite film in the program they watched; if they predict the actual Oscar winner they will be eligible to win a grand prize awarded by the Cinema. See a listing and description of the films in each program below.

On Thursday, February 14, at the 6:30 pm screening of the Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013 Documentary A program there will be a live-video link Q&A with the co-directors of Inocente, Sean and Andrea Fine. The Fines are Academy Award-nominated directors and three-time Emmy award winners (War/Dance). For the last decade, they have worked in over thirty countries, from dangerous war zones to the Arctic Circle, to bring unknown human stories to the screen.

Screening Schedule

Live Action Nominee Program – 114 minutes long and unrated but not suitable for children due to adult subject matter; Fri. 2/8 at 2:30 & 9:00 pm; Sat. 2/9 at 7:00 pm; Sun 2/10 at 8:30 pm; Mon. 2/11 at 6:00 pm; Wed. 2/13 at 4:00 & 8:30 pm; Thu. 2/14 at 4:00 pm.

Death of a Shadow (dir: Tom Van Avermaet): Surreal love story of a soldier and his soul mate. 

Henry (dir: Yan England): A great concert pianist has his life thrown in turmoil.  

Curfew (dir: Shawn Christensen): Captivating tale of family dynamics.   

Buzkashi Boys (dir: Sam French): A look at the life that continues beyond the headlines of war in Afghanistan.

Asad (dir: Bryan Buckley): Coming of age fable about a Somali boy.

Animation Nominee Program – 88 minutes long and though unrated, the full program is “family-friendly”; Fri. 2/8 at 5:00 & 7:00 pm; Sat. 2/9 at 9:30 pm; Sun. 2/10 at 6:30 pm; Mon. 2/11 at 4:00 & 8:30 pm; Tue. 2/12 at 8:30 pm; Wed. 2/13 at 6:30 pm

Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” (dir: David Silverman): The much loved Maggie Simpson spends a laugh-out-loud day at daycare.    

Adam and Dog (dir: Minkyu Lee): The story of the first days of Creation and what made Man and Dog so inseparable.

Fresh Guacamole (dir: PES): Learn how to transform familiar objects into Fresh Guacamole.

Head Over Heels (dir: Timothy Reckart): A heartwarming tale of a broken marriage being put back together.

Paperman (dir: John Kahrs): Tells the story of a lonely young man in New York City.

Additional acclaimed animated shorts (not nominated this year) in this program include Abiogenesis, Dripped, and The Gruffalo’s Child.  

Documentary Nominee Program A – 123 minutes long and unrated but not suitable for children due to adult subject matter; Sat. 2/9 at 2:30 pm; Sun. 2/10 at 2:00 pm; Tue. 2/12 at 4:00 pm; Thu. 2/14 at 6:30 pm (with Q&A) 

Kings Point (dir: Sari Gilman and Jedd Wider): A bittersweet examination at our national obsession with self-reliance and growing old

Mondays at Racine (dir: Cynthia Wade and Robin Honan): Unexpected look at womanhood, marriage and survival. 

Inocente (dir: Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine): Vibrant coming-of-age story about a young artist’s fierce determination.

Documentary Nominee Program B – 83 minutes long and unrated but not suitable for children due to adult subject matter; Sat. 2/9 at 5:00 pm; Sun. 2/10 at 4:30 pm; Tue. 2/12 at 6:30 pm; Thu. 2/14 at 9:00 pm  

Redemption (dir: Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill): A look at the growing army of New Yorkers whose treasures are in the trash.   

Open Heart (dir: Kief Davidson and Cori Shepherd Stern): Rwandan children leave their families to embark on a journey seeking heart surgery in Sudan.

Tickets for all screenings and events are available for purchase in advance at    www.movietickets.com.

Coral Gables Art Cinema
260 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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