Fabula Teatro Infantil

XXII International Hispanic Theatre Festival July 21st, 2007The acclaimed International Hispanic Theatre Festival, presented by Teatro Avante and American Airlines is celebrating its 22nd anniversary season by bringing a vast selection of theatre groups from the United States, Latin America and Europe to various locations in South Florida. On July 21st, the group Fabula Teatro Infantil based in Murcia, Spain will be celebrating the International Children’s Day with the presentation of the play Te Acuerdas? (Do You Remember?) written and directed by Juan Pedro Romera. A concert-performance for babies and a wellspring of beauty for adults. A soothing display of light, music and movement that evokes memories of whence we came. A haven of peace that takes children and adults back to the peaceful harmony of the womb. This event will take place at the Key Biscayne Community Center, 10 Village Green Way in Key Biscayne. For more information, please call: 305.445.8877

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