Fridge Art Fair 2018

Dec 3 - 7, 4pm - 11:45pm

The 6th Miami Edition of Fridge Art Fair Miami opened December 3rd at Eurostar’s Langford Hotel, 121 SE 1st Street and runs through Saturday December 8th. This edition explores the theme of “The Velvet Rope and what it symbolizes. Is the rope about being exclusive? Is it to keep those that one has decided isn’t worthy out or is it to let those who are in?

Fridge continues to evolve and entertain as well as acting as a provocateur for change in the contemporary art sector by reminding viewers that what is “out there” on and off the commercial center is more than worth paying attention to. Our velvet rope opens for dynamic and creative forces who care to communicate and dare to be themselves.

Fair hours
Dec 3: 4:15PM –11:45PM
Dec 4: 4:15PM –11:45PM
Dec 5: 4:15PM –11:45PM
Dec 6: 4:15PM –11:45PM
Dec 7: 4:15PM –11:45PM
Dec 8: 4:15PM –11:45PM

Eurostar’s Langford Hotel
Bloom Sky Bar
121 SE 1st
Miami, Fl 33131

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