Ligne Roset opens in the Design District

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June, 2007.

Ligne Roset Showroom. Miami DesignLigne Roset, one of the world’s leading companies in luxury and contemporary furniture design, has closed its showroom in Coral Gables and relocated to the Miami Design District. Now located in Oak Plaza’s two-story Twery Building at 160 NE 40th Street, the new 4,650 square foot two-level showroom is set to open at the end of June 2007. Ligne Roset’s new showroom, “Modern on the Mile,” is the creation of award-winning French designer Didier Gomez. Gomez, one of Ligne Roset’s top product designers.

The Ligne Roset showroom will house the company’s latest collection, which includes 40+ designs that capture the essence of the company’s creative, design-forward sensibility. Included in this collection are a variety of unique furniture pieces and accessories designed by the likes of Pascal Mourgue, Didier Gomez, Peter Maly, Swan Bourotte, Arik Levy and Martino D’Esposito. In addition, the showroom will highlight the Kid Collection, a furniture collection created exclusively for children. The Kid Collection marks the first time in Ligne Roset’s history that a furniture line has been created entirely for kids.

For more information, please call: 305.531.8700

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