Madero Tango at The Fillmore

Sat Aug 24, 2019

With an impressive LED screen, excellent dancers, two singers and a typical live Argentine Tango Orchestra, this show promise to take the audience in a journey of emotions. This show will allow the audience to know the evolution of the musical genre through history and also to know the newest and modern technological versions of them. The classics are evoked in a scenario of innovation to introduce the XXI century Porteño.

Starring the Show Directors, Paola Jean Jean and Nicolás Cobos, the show promises a fusion with the past and present that takes the audience through a tornado of sensations. Nostalgia, love, emotion, fun and surprise will be present making this show, the true tango Musical of all times

Mixing African, Spanish and Italian Rhythms, Tango is the most representative music of Argentina to the world. Madero Tango is located in Puerto Madero, the newest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, where at the very beginning was an ancient port, a place that received many immigrants of all nationalities and where Tango was born!

Aug 24, 2019, 8 PM

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