MBC Interactive Archive Retrospective: Highlights of World Cinema THE FRENCH AVANT-GARDE

Thu May 17, 2018

Released to intense controversy in 1924 for its cinematic and technical innovations, L’Inhumaine (The Inhuman Woman) is a visual tour-de-force; a fantastical, science-fiction melodrama; and a momentous collaboration of legendary figures from the avant-garde movement. Directed by Marcel L’Herbier (L’Argent, Feu Mathias Pascal) and starring the famous French opera singer Georgette Leblanc – who helped produce the film along with L’Herbier’s company, Cinégraphic – L’Inhumaine is most notable for the style of filmmaking. In L’Herbier’s words, it represents a “miscellany of modern art,” bringing together some of the greatest artists from the time period, including painter Fernand Léger, architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, glassmaker René Lalique, fashion designer Paul Poiret, and directors Alberto Cavalcanti and Claude Autant-Lara, among others, to create a collaborative cinematic experience.

Short Film:
Directed by F. PERCY SMITH/UK/1910/2mins.
Imagine audiences in 1910 seeing a fly under a microscope for the first time on a big screen. This is one of the early cinematic marvels that thrilled audiences (at 2 minutes long) and is an example of the possibilities and wonders of a new medium.

May 17, 2018, 6:45 PM

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