MBC & The Wolfsonian, Art & Film together: The Black Cat

Sun Jul 28, 2019

The Wolfsonian–FIU and Miami Beach Cinematheque are teaming up for a summer of art and film with an Art Deco spin! From drama to cult horror and even a musical romance, they’re bringing you Tinseltown talkies from the 1930s to look at how some of Hollywood’s heavyweight directors Deco-fied their elegant, streamlined sets.

Selected Sundays from 4pm, a guided tour of Deco: Luxury to Mass Market at the museum, followed by a perfectly paired film screening at 5pm across the street at the theater.


Directed by EDGAR G. ULMER/1934/1hr 5min
With Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, David Manners

Jul 28, 2019 4 PM

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