Gustavo Matamoros’ Social Commentary at Dimension Variable

Through Thu Aug 1, 2019

For his solo project at Dimensions Variable, Gustavo Matamoros will produce the first in a collection of works titled Social Commentary that explore sensitive issues of interest to artists, curators, critics, collectors, installation designers, art educators, art administrators, philanthropists, government funding agencies, and those who enjoy reading about art; issues as diverse as Academic Freedom, Abortion, Adoption, Advertising to children, Affirmative Action, Ageism, AIDS/HIV, Air Pollution, Airline Issues, Alcohol Abuse, Animal rights, Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Violence, Anti-Semitism, Arson, Arts Funding and Censorship, At Risk Students in Higher Education, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Automobile and Highway Safety, Bi-lingualism, Birth Control, Campaign Finance Reform, Cancer, Capital Punishment, Census Issues, Cheating, Child Abuse and Molestation, Child Labor, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Church-State Separation, Civil Liberties, and many more.

Born in Caracas in 1957 and living in Miami since 1979, Gustavo Matamoros is a local sound artist of international repute in the fields of experimental music and sound art. His practice focuses on the exploration of sound as audible description of change and as a tool for developing an ever closer relationship with what Buckminster Fuller referred to as The Environment—that which surrounds the individual.

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