Miami 1-Acts Festival Winter Session

December 21 through 23, 2012.

New Theatre is presenting its Miami 1-Acts Festival (M1A) Winter Session on December 21 through 23. Due to its big success at is inaugural kick off this past summer, the fundraiser, intended as an annual event, will now be a bi-annual event. Inspired by New Theatre’s mission of producing “new works that speak to and about a diverse contemporary audience,” the festival will help raise much needed funds to help New Theatre continue to produce plays that stimulate, provoke, challenge, and entertain our multicultural South Florida community. At the same time it brings together over 75 artists: playwrights, directors, actors, stage manager, crew members and support staff who volunteer their time to make the event a great success.

This year’s Miami 1-Acts Festival includes 16 nationally and locally recognized playwrights and artists, presented in 2 programs (in no specific order)

Program A: Friday, Dec 21 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, Dec 23 at 5:30 p.m.

HALLELUJAH! by James Carrey; Directed by Edward Excalibur
THE WORLD OUTSIDE by David Caudle; Directed by Kim Ehly
FROM ACROSS A CROWDED ROOM by Todd Caster; Directed by Jerry Jensen
REMEMBERING LOVE by Vanessa Garcia; Directed by McLey leFranc
DEB WARS by Tony Macy-Perez; Directed by Eileen Suarez
ELF YOURSELF by Marj O’Neill-Butler; Directed by Margaret Ledford
HEART-FELT REJECTION by Will Cabrera; Directed by Andy Quiroga
BULLSH*T UTAH by Thomas Daniel Valls; Directed by Ricky J. Martinez

Program B: Saturday, Dec 22 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, Dec 23 at 1:00 p.m.

‘TIL THE END by Joe Feinstein, Directed by David Bernstein
HOLD ONTO YOUR DREAMS by Marla E. Schwartz; Directed by Elizabeth Abad
AIMING HIGH by David Victor; Directed by Ruben Diaz
NEUTRAL. OR MEN? by Ricky J. Martinez; Directed by Aubrey Shavonn Kessler
THE GETAWAY by Monnie King; Directed by Eric Rodriguez
AFTER SUNSET by Marion Grey; Directed by Juan Gonzalez Machain
THE ICE MACHINE by Catherine Bush; Directed by Steven A. Chambers
GIFT WRAPPED by Susan Westfall; Directed by Mark Duncan

Tickets for the Miami 1-Acts Festival are $ 10 and Happy Hour will commence 1 hour prior to curtain with beer for a donation of $2.50.

New Theatre at the Roxy Performing Arts Center
1645 SW 107th Avenue
Miami, FL 33165

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