Miami Contemporary Dance Company’s Artistic Director Ray Sullivan Travels to Italy

September 2010.

altMiami Contemporary Dance Company (MCDC) announced that Artistic Director Ray Sullivan has traveled to Italy from August 26th to September 20th as part of a cultural exchange of six years between Miami Contemporary Dance Company and Balleto Dell’Esperia under the direction of award winning choreographer Paolo Mohovich. Sullivan will join the Company to continue to share his world- renowned Sullivan Technique and choreograph Playing House, a dance comprised of six dancers, expressing scenes of domestic violence and the nuclear family of the 50’s and 60’s. The work will use popular music, from the 50’s and 60’s, with the brilliant stage decor of Jorge Gallardo.

“I am honored to continue this amazing partnership with Balleto Dell’Esperia in Italy,” said Ray Sullivan, Artistic Director of Miami Contemporary Dance Company. “I really enjoy our different styles; we share many elements in our work. The tour will continue to be an exchange of intellectual ideas and concepts.”

Sullivan will also participate in research that will be conducted on the Byzantine era at the University of Torino in Italy, which will be implemented in future choreographies. Balleto Dell’Esperia plans to travel to Miami to join Miami Contemporary Dance Company on stage at the Colony Theater for two weekends of performances in March 2011. Miami Contemporary Dance Company dancers will perform Paolo Mohovich’s Strange News from a Distant Star and Balleto Dell’Esperia dancers will perform Sullivan’s Playing House. To close the performances the dancers will perform a revamped version of Sullivan’s exciting rendition of Bolero. Both companies will also offer workshops and classes in Miami.

Prior to founding the company, Ray Sullivan experienced a successful dance career performing works by over forty choreographers in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. In 1992, Ray Sullivan began developing his own dance training technique called the Sullivan Technique. He conceptualized a set of physical exercises for his technique during the five years he spent as a professional dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a choreographer, he created 42 works presented in South America, Europe and the United States. Today, Sullivan’s company offers an ongoing international dance exchange program with Argentina and Italy. With a decade of cultivating passionate dancers, Miami Contemporary Dance Company strives to continue its artistic growth by providing its notable school curriculum and educational outreach programming.

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