Miami Symphony Orchestra Creates Interactive Multi-Sensory Experience with MISO-CHIC: The Magic of Synesthesia

Sun, December 16, 2018, 6:00 PM – 8:00 pm

Following the spectacular success of the first, second and third editions of MISOCHIC dedicated to fashion and art. This time we will take you into a journey of SYNESTHESIA! Experiencing the magic of your 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

The concert features works by Wagner, Debussy, Marturet, Ravel, Martinez, Martucci, Villafranca, Ojanguren, Shostakovich, Kreisler, Stravinsky, as well as the World Premiere of a new  MISO commissioned audio visual work by acclaimed multimedia artist Fabiana Cruz. Cruz’s work focuses on reconciling her dual interests in fine art and music, allowing the audience to not just hear but also see music. MISO-CHIC will create a truly immersive sensorial experience as the visual feast of Cruz’s artwork melds in synchronicity with her own musical compositions, accompanied by the orchestra.

Fragrances, designed especially for this event by Doctor Aromas, will permeate the room, the audience can engage with tactile amusements, and delicious morsels, provided by Romanicos Chocolate, will be paired with the themes of the symphonic landscapes. Colors, flavors and sounds will dance together to transcend each individual sense and will extend beyond the concert itself into the partnering restaurants in the area, such as Estefan Kitchen, Harry’s Pizza and other emblematic brands.

Enjoy the opportunity to experience the Miami Symphony Orchestra in a completely unique way. Also featured will be solo performances by 12-year old prodigy Brandon Goldberg, renowned Steinway pianist Elio Villafranca, young vocal talent Martina Travieso, along with the Encantus Voices and Ensamble and MISO Concertmaster Daniel Andai.

Curator: Mali Parkerson
Executive producer: Fernando Duprat
Conductor: Eduardo Marturet
Daniel Andai – Violin
Fabiana Cruz – Video artist
Elio Villafranca – Piano

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Miami Symphony Orchestra
The Moore Building – Elastika
191 NE 40th St,
Miami, FL 33137

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