Art Miami 2018 Sales Report

Guests line up outside of Art Miami VIP Preview, CONTEXT Art Miami VIP Preview at Art Miami Pavilion on December 4, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Art Miami)

The sales at Art Miami seem to keep growing. In their new location for a second year, the fair may be best suited to anchor Miami Art Week with its accessible price points and popular material.

Berry Campbell Gallery

sold Desert Wall, Cave #96, 1986 for $175,000 and Horses at Pech-Merle (Cave #20), 1984 for $95,000, both by Elaine de Kooning
Untitled, 1975 by Larry Poons for $80,000
7-X-79, 1979 by Alfonso Ossorio for $75,000
Villanova, 1990 by Dan Christensen for $65,000
Unctionpaleinbalmofsnows, 1979 by Stanley Boxer for $55,000
Imola Three IV (Circuit Series), 1984 by Frank Stella for $35,000
All prices listed are retail


“We made a large number of sales in the sub-$100,000 bracket, particularly for the work of David Hockney with five rare prints selling, including his ‘Coloured Flowers made of Paper and Ink.’ Other artists selling in this range included Ed Ruscha, Lynn Chadwick, Bridget Riley, Yuko Nishimura, Jesús Rafael Soto, Jonas Wood and a sculpture by young Belgian artist Saskia De Tollenaere, whose sculptural homage to Frida Kahlo was bought by an important corporate collection.”

Galerie Terminus

placed Women, 2007 by Sigmar Polke for $3.8-million dollars
Knüpfung mit Kieselsteinen, 1970 by Herbert Zangs for $46,000

Osborne Samuel Gallery

sold Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure, 1946 for approximately $1-million dollars.

Michael Schultz Gallery

sold Electric Chair Series, 1973 by Andy Warhol for $540,000
Flieg Vogel Flieg, 2018 by Cornelia Schleime for $77,000
Flag, 2018, by Udo Nöger for $67,000
two works by SEO: Die Faltung der Wirklichkeit, 2017, for $64,000 and Untitled, 2017 for $60,000

Cernuda Arte

more than 20 sales, including Fish, 1955, by Amelia Peláez for $500,000, How Can I Escape from Time, 2006, by Miguel Florido
Path to Perfection, 2007, by Sandro de la Rosa
a piece by Manuel Mendive, a piece by Roberto Diago
two works by Irina E. Gonzalez

Hollis Taggart

placed 15 works in total, including a 1956 watercolor by Sam Francis for more than $500,000
two Alexander Calder works for approximately $100,000 each
a Theodoros Stamos piece for approximately $100,000
a Ron Gorchov for approximately $50,000 range
two small sculptures by Pablo Atchugarry for $40,000 and $55,000
a small Mark Tobey work on paper for $40,000
two Michael (Corinne) West works for $40,000 and $30,000.

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

placed 22 pieces totaling $400,000 in sales, including seven works by Drew Tal.

Nikola Rukaj Gallery

pieces from Alex Katz’s Coca-Cola Girls series for more than $150,000


sold a work by Sam Francis priced at approximately $120,000


paintings by Liu Shuishi for approximately $100,000
a Peter Beard for $90,000
an Ole Aakjær for approximately $30,000

Sims Reed Gallery

prints of Le Cow-boy, Le Cirque, Le Clown, and L’Enterrement de Pierrot from Henri Matisse’s iconic Jazz series for a total of approximately $100,000
Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair, screen print in colors, 1971
several works David Hockney, Bridget Riley, Terry Frost, Humphrey Ocean and Declan Jenkins

Grosvenor Gallery

Humming Birds, 2018, by Senaka Senanayakefor $80,000

Pan American Art Projects

Untitled, 1985 by Louise Nevelson for $75,000


sold six different works from Skylar Fein’s Giant Metal Matchbooks series, 2016-2017, for a total of $60,000

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Dream ⅕ by Julian Voss-Andreae for $58,000
Champagne Supernova by Piero Spadaro
Stacked by Tim Yankosky


placed Reincarnation, 2018 by Wulf Treu for $55,000.


sold Nicolás Radic’s Aluminio, 2018, for $40,000, and Aluminum folded, 2018.

Onishi Gallery

sold Innocent Forest 06, 2018 for $30,000
Blood 4, 2017 by Shun Sudo
Rising Dragon, 2017 by Tokuda Yasokichi IV
Glumon #0.1.1, 2016 by NAOYA
POI 01, 2018 by Yusuke Ochiai

David Klein Gallery

placed Sphinx, Chimera, and Dangerous Liaisons, all 2018 by Rosalind Tallmadge, for a total of $30,000

Galerie Ernst Hilger

two sculptures by Alex Katz from 2018, each for $30,000
a variety of Shepard Fairey pieces ranging in price up to $25,000

David Benrimon Fine Art

several works by Mel Bochner, including Amazing, 2018, Blah Blah, Blah, 2018, Haha, 2017, and Thank You, 2018
The Book of Love: One Plate, 1997 by Robert Indiana
Ballerina, from Portfolio California, 1988, by Ed Ruscha
Apple (F. & S. II 359), 1985 by Andy Warhol
Untitled, 1966 and Study for Great American Nude #66, 1965, both by Tom Wesselmann

C24 Gallery

Mike Dargas painting, Bee Loved, 2018
Katja Loher video sculpture, Who will paint the white canvas of the bleached corals?, 2018

Cynthia Corbett Gallery

seven pieces of Andy Burgess’ Modernist House series and his new Abstract Aspen works
debuted Isabelle van Zeijl’s The One photography project featuring Flower Orchid, of which three editions from a total of seven were placed

Goya Contemporary Gallery

a work by Joyce J. Scott

Jean Albano Gallery

Bonnie Lautenberg’s 1952 Singin’ in the Rain / Yayoi Kusama, The Sea, archival pigment print, 1 of 6, 2001 Shrek / Fernando Botero, Nude in Mirror, archival pigment print, 1 of 6
Klari Reis’ Multicolour Petri dish series was placed, as were three ceramic wall-displayed flower pieces by Zemer Peled
paintings by Eleanor Watson.


ArtStudent, 2014 and Turkishbath, 2008 by Marck
Madeoff, 2014, Edition 2 of 3, by Fredy Hadorn.

Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Bloomed Wall, 2017 and Ruffled, 2014-2017 by Dominic Harris
Dew, 2017and Ink Writer, 2017 by Reinier Bosch
From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes, 2018, Growing up gets me down, 2018, and Open to the public, 2018 by Alex Chinneck


Poisson ‘Alma’ (Fish), 2018, by Edouard Martinet
No. 174 Boxing Boy with Hat, 2018, by Mario Dilitz

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