Pianist MISHA DACIĆ plays at Key Biscayne Piano Festival

Fri Feb 14, 2020

Pianist Misha Dacic performs at Key Biscayne Piano Festival, acclaimed for its passion and virtuosity, this one-time-only concert will include a wide program. There will also be an introductory talk by Frank Cooper.


Elegie in E flat minor, Op.3 No.1

Melodie in E major, Op.3 No.3

In the Silent Night Op.4 No.3 (Arr.Earl Wild)

To Her Op.38 No.2 (Arr.Misha Dacic)

Prelude in A flat major, Op.23 No.8

Prelude in F minor, Op.32 No.6

Prelude in A minor, Op.32 No.8

Etude-Tableau in E flat minor, Op.33 No.5

Etude-Tableau in C minor, Op.39 No.7

Midsummer Night’s Op.14 No.5 (Arr.E.Wild)

LISZT Études d’exécution transcendante

No.5 Feux Follets

No.2 in A minor

No.10 in F minor

5 Pieces from Romeo and Juliet, Op.75

Folk Dance


Young Juliet

Lily dance of the Maidens


SCRIABIN Sonata No.4 in F-sharp major, Op. 30

CONSTANTINESCU   Suite for Piano

Joc Dobrogean – Toccata

BARBER Fuga (Finale from Sonata Op.26)

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