My Fair Lady

Curtain Call Playhouse Inc. From Feb 2nd through Apr 7th, 2007Curtain Call Playhouse, located in Pompano Beach, FL presents the 50th Anniversary of the play My Fair Lady. Based on Shaw’s play and Pascal’s movie Pygmalion, with book, music and lyric by Lerner and Loewe, May Fair Lady is triumphant. Henry Higgins, an arrogant, irascible professor of phonetics who boasts to fellow linguist Colonel Pickering that he can train any woman to speak so properly that he could pass her off as a duchess, including Eliza Doolittle, a poor girl with a strong Cockney accent whom he encountered selling flowers on the streets. Pickering is intrigued by Higgins’s boast and wagers that he cannot make good on his claim. Higgins takes on the challenge and begins an intensive make-over of Eliza’s speech, manners and dress in preparation for her appearance at the Embassy Ball. The final test hinges on Eliza’s passing as a lady at the Embassy Ball, which she does successfully despite the presence of a Hungarian phonetics expert, who seeks to unmask her identity. After the ball, Higgins’s ungrateful boasting of his triumph and his pleasure that the experiment is now over leaves Eliza feeling used and abandoned. She walks out on him, leaving the seemingly clueless Higgins mystified by her ingratitude. In the end, Higgins realizes his deep feelings for Eliza. For more information, please call: 954.784.0768

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