Nam June Paik. 1932 – 2006

Life will never end.Nam June Paik, one of the most influential contemporary artists of the 20th century has passed away at his Miami home in January 29th, 2006. Paik’s persona rises as a mandatory reference for media an electronic arts . No other artist had a greater influence in realizing the artistic potential of video and television than him. Through his life-time career, the artist developed a vast array of installations, videotapes, global television productions, films, and performances that reshaped the perception of the electronic moving image into the realm of art. His legacy embodies the virtue of change and recognition of the power of artists in helping us understand the world and it changes around us. The precedents set by his creative accomplishments witness Paik’s role in expanding our perception of art through media. From his early transformation of broadcast television and video – in a time when even television was still a luxury for many – to his more recent reconfiguration of laser into a new form of sculptural and installation art, Paik’s works will remain as a remarkable example of the struggle for a liberating and renewing future through arts and technology. MAG not only acknowledges his significance but also pays tribute to his lifetime dedication and visionary endeavor.

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