New Orleans gallery owners bring renaissance to Miami

Alexander & Victor Fine Art formally introduced itself to Miami with a gala opening reception for the work of the Cuban American painter Rolando Diaz, and continues to display work by international contemporary artists from around the world. As former residents of New Orleans, owners Victor and Debra Mistretta bring over 20 years of experience to the art collector’s forum. The Coral Gables gallery features Joan Colomer, Emanuel Mattini, Gantner, Pino, Carlos Aguilar, Fabian Perez, and several other artists exclusively in the Miami area from over 15 countries including Israel, Germany, Peru, Hungary, Spain, France, Italy, and the United States. Victor admits, “We are not what you would expect to see in Miami. Of course, we bring our experience and aesthetic from New Orleans and I believe we represent a significant facet of the art world that is appreciated by collectors”. The original gallery on Royal Street in the French Quarter opened its doors in 2003, and while evacuating from the plight of hurricane Katrina, the Mistrettas fell in love with a storefront in Coral Gables on the Miracle Mile. Fortunately, the New Orleans gallery sustained no damage, and reopened just a month after the disaster. The gallery is re-arranged often, and the experience is more like a European salon than the late custom of modern white-walled galleries. New collections are introduced to the public by elegant opening receptions and concentrated advertising efforts. “One can expect to walk into this gallery and see at least sixty paintings,” says Debra. “We run the gamut of subject matter with an array of still lifes, figurative works, modernist inspired compositions, and landscapes.” This gallery is a “must-see” for both beginning and well-seasoned collectors, offering an impressive selection of original works on canvas, bronze sculptures, and limited edition giclees. With the original gallery still thriving in the heart of the French Quarter, as newcomers to Miami, Alexander & Victor has become acquainted with local interior design firms, and continues to nurture the philosophy that “we are not salespeople – we are servants to those who want fine art in their daily lives”. In addition to the works featured in the gallery, Alexander & Victor provides a website that displays the entire inventory of both New Orleans and Coral Gables. Collectors can peruse the website at any time and see information about the artists and available works before stepping foot into the gallery. “It’s a convenience that allows our clients to be prepared. Many times I’ll receive a call from someone who is interested in a particular work, and we’ll make arrangements to have the work displayed in whichever gallery is nearby,” says Victor. “Our intention is not to detract from the novelty of discovering something special; rather, it allows someone to take control of the selection process, and to make the discovery in person.” Alexander & Victor Fine Art is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm or by appointment. For more information, please visit:

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