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Cymbeline by William Shakespeare From Jun 7th through Jul 1st, 2007New Theatre located in Coral Gables is presenting the legendary play Cymbeline by William Shakespeare as part of the Annual Shakespeare and Friends Festival organized by the venue every summer. Adapted and directed by Kathi E.B. Ellis, this classic revels in the disparate characters and plot-lines that intersect and collide across ancient Britain, Rome, and a pastoral Wales. Imogen’s marriage to a young man liked by her father, King Cymbeline, but not approved of as heir to the throne precipitates a series of choices and actions that threaten to unravel the kingdom, the marriage, and family bonds. The weak king, the unprincipled stepmother, the cloddish stepson, the loyal servant, the noble but exiled subject, and more, are all highly recognizable characters and yet in Shakespeare’s romantic tragicomedy we encounter them in fresh ways. From comedic to gruesome, from supernatural to poignant, we are invited on a perilous journey that culminates in reconciliation and revelation. For more information, please call: 305.443.5909

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